Every homeowner desires the perfect environment to suit their living space, comfort, and budget. Adding natural daylight can be a cost-effective way to open up space, make it welcoming, and reduce your energy costs…all at the same time.

Benefits of Skylights

Skylights provide the interior of your home with the warmth and brightness of natural daylight.


 – Enliven a house dramatically while cutting down the need for artificial light.

 – Brighten up dark corners and increases the warmth of the space.

 – Provide much-needed ventilation.

Types of Skylights

Skylights have come a long way since they were first introduced. In addition to sealed units, skylights and roof windows can be opened manually or via a remote control to provide additional ventilation. 

Sun Tunnels, also known as sun pipes or solar pipes, provide natural light to brighten a small space. A standard skylight would not work effectively in areas such as closets, laundry rooms, and other locations.

Making the Choice Easy

VELUX Residential Skylights is a complete solution of products, installation options, glazing options, blinds, and accessories.

In addition, VELUX solar blinds qualify for a federal tax credit.

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