Skylights, Sun Tunnels, and Roof Windows for Commercial Spaces

Why Natural Lighting in Commercial Buildings via Skylights?

Daylight improves the psychological and physical well-being, creates a feeling of orientation with our surroundings and the weather conditions outside. Other benefits include energy efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and cost effectiveness.

One of the many interesting conclusions in a recent VELUX Daylight Symposium was 95 percent of the existing buildings in the United States will be where we live and work, in the future. Given most of those buildings were built more than twenty years ago, they will have inadequate amounts of daylight coming through existing windows by today’s standards. Those windows were designed more to keep heating and cooling in rather than as a major source of daylight.

That’s where skylights, sun tunnels, and roof windows come in. Daylighting systems are gaining popularity as part of sustainability efforts by companies.

As with residences, design and installation of these options is a significantly less investment than remodeling buildings to add or enlarge windows to improve internal lighting efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The pages in this section help commercial building contractors, business owners, and property managers / commercial builders learn more about the advantages of skylights

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