Overcoming Skylight Leaks

Leaking skylights has been a source of anguish for homeowners and commercial building managers for many years. The primary cause of leaks is the materials used and how well the skylight was installed.

Do skylights “always” leak?

Velux has been producing quality skylights and roof windows for over 65 years. It is unlikely they would still be in business if they sold a product that leaked. A properly installed skylight should be problem free for many years. The simple answer though is YES, skylights can leak, but it should be 20 or 30 years before that happens. The VELUX 10 Year No-Leak Warranty assures you of their commitment to quality.


What is the VELUX No-Leak Skylight?

VELUX developed an entirely new line of skylights called the A21 series. The deck-mounted A21 skylights feature a No-Leak Promise from VELUX. These skylights feature three layers of leak protection from top to bottom and an entirely new method of installation. The A21 series features pre-painted interior frames and insulated LoE3 glass, which provides more daylight with superior heat control. And now blinds and shades will fit virtually every skylight application.

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